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Blogs on weight loss, pcod, post-pregnancy and diabetes. Dietician Ashu Gupta's blog is all about healthy diets and exercise. For every person, there are a lot of tips for weight loss, pcod, post-pregnancy, diabetes, cholesterol and how to keep yourself healthy. Dietician Ashu Gupta is one of the best dieticians in Gurgaon, India.  In every blog, you will learn how to tackle your lifestyle problem and how with the small changes in your food you can lose weight, control your cholesterol, control your blood pressure or anything you are struggling with. Medication is not the permanent solution to any disease just change your way of eating and you can see so much difference within yourself. 

Weight Loss Blog  – How you can lose your 10kg weight in 5 weeks?

Dietician Ashu Gupta is one of the finest dieticians for weight loss in Gurgaon, India. In the section of the weight loss blog, you will get to know about the tips and facts on weight loss. As weight loss is a hard journey but with some diet plans, you can make it easier. We post a weekly blog where Dietician Ashu Gupta shares diet plans and some cool facts on weight loss. We have more than 500 clients who lose their weight and are surprised to see themselves with incredible results. You can also try a weight loss diet plan by Dietician Ashu Gupta our clinic is situated in Gurgaon. 

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PCOD Blog – What is PCOD and How you can lose weight in PCOD?

PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a disorder of hormonal in the reproductive age of women. In which women get excess male hormone (androgen) levels or prolonged menstrual periods. In these ovaries develop numerous fluids and failed to release regular eggs. Losing weight with PCOS is hard but not impossible. Dietician Ashu Gupta provides a diet plan for PCOS by which you can lose weight easily. If you are someone who is suffering from this, then we are happy to help you to get rid of this problem. 

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