How to reduce tummy after c-section naturally

How to reduce tummy after c-section naturally | Weight Loss Program

How to reduce tummy after c-section naturally | Weight Loss Program
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  • 05-Dec-2022

How to Reduce Tummy After C-Section Naturally


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and powerful experiences in a woman’s life. The abundant joy of bringing a new life into the world reduces all negativity and is altogether an essential event of a lifetime. 


This goes without saying, when the point of having carrying a child in your body comes, it comes with a huge change in your physique. The stomach becomes bigger, arms and feet tend to swell, and the face acquires more fat.

While this is altogether an ethereal phenomenon that happens to your body, it gradually changes accordingly after childbirth. 


For some women, the changes in their body takes more time that the others, while for some, a good diet and mild exercise daily can be done to achieve a healthy and fit afterbirth body. 


Most women believe it to be difficult to attain their dream body after childbirth but this is nothing more than a myth! Yes, a few defined changes in the body due to childbirth can mould your physique in certain parts forever but that is where all the beauty of a motherhood journey lies! 

However, to give you the best of your desired body, we are more than willing to guide you through the process. 




There are three major ways of delivering a child safely and effectively. 

* Vaginal Birth: This method is probably the most successful and opted for by doctors and a number of women. In this birth, the doctors carefully assist the mother into pushing the child out of the uterus. 


* Natural Birth: Natural birth or at-home birth has been in a tradition for centuries when hospitals weren’t available to patients. In this birth, one delivers a baby at home without any medical equipment or intervention neither any pain-relieving medication or techniques. 


* Caesarean Section: This is also known as C-section, and is a method of surgically removing the child from the mother’s stomach buy an incision in the abdomen area. This procedure is mostly used by hospitals when the mother and the child could be at high risk from a vaginal delivery. 





While, it is relatively easy for the body to reshape itself after normal births with a few exercises, C-section has its own effects as it is associated more with surgical procedures and takes time and care. 

Achieving a flat stomach especially after a C-section surgery can often be a challenge to maintain but it’s never impossible. 





1. Yoga: Taking up Yoga as an exercise is a wonderful and very effective way to lose post-birth stomach weight. Yoga allows ones body to stretch and be flexible thus making the body more toned and and the muscles more structured. Adding yoga to your daily life routine can help you strengthen the body’s muscles and joints, reduce the extra fat making the stomach flatter with time. Yoga is also an effective method to improve one’s mental health and relieves the individual from any stress and anxiety. When you are mentally fit, your body tends to listen to your commands more and gives better results when doing physical activities. 


2. Walking to shed off the extra fat: Walking as an exercise is a great way to lose additional stomach weight after a C-section as it helps your body recover faster, boosts your blood circulation and pumps your heart rate while simultaneously improving your emotional and mental state as well. Walking is a good practice to engage in after a C-section as it is never too harsh or laborious on your abdominal area; it also helps you to connect more with nature so you receive your unfiltered dose of fresh air and sunlight. 


3. Breastfeed: Breastfeeding your child after a C-section is a win situation for both the mother and the baby, as it would help you get rid of the extra fat residing in your body after postpartum, all the while your child gets more nutrients and succumbs to a healthier nourishing meal. 


4. Diet: Diet has major role in weightloss after delivery. You really need to care about your diet. you need to consume good and healthy food in good amount. As per diet you need to choose Best Dietician. You can visit our website – or you can make an enquiry, we will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.





Having a healthy diet for your body is the root to achieving a good and happy physique. What you do for the inside of your body is just as important and rewarding as what you do on the outside for it. 


Eating a balanced meal, knowing your nutrients and your proteins, excluding any processed food, all of it is crucial not only for your physical health but also for your mental state as well. 


Intaking healthy fluids such as juices, soup, herbal teas (green tea, chamomile tea and much more), or simply even water for the body can help with uncomplicated bowel movements for new mothers and is effective especially if one has had a C-section surgery as it quickens the process of surgical healing. 


Consuming your meals that are high in vitamins, proteins, and nutrients is always a good decision for the body. Green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, lettuce, kale etc. would have your body thank you for the care and healthy healing. 


Dt. Ashu Gupta is a certified professional dietician in Gurgaon and Delhi and excels greatly in her field of work. With years of experience and positive outcomes for her patients, she has created a wide variety of diet charts for different body types for her clients. She has an expertise in providing to her patients a range of balanced and nutritional diets, as well as guides them through the process of postpartum weight loss by helping them develop a healthy and happy motherhood lifestyle! 


With post-birth comes a great responsibility as well. Not just taking the utmost care of your child but of yourself too. Changing of the body is a part of the beautiful experience of pregnancy. While working on your body after the birth of your child is a major challenge to complete, accept that some parts of the body will have the post birth effect on it and is completely normal! A powerful part of coming into the age of motherhood is to be able to appreciate the body you have received, the pain you have endured and be proud of the journey you have successfully comlpeted!




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