Weight Loss: Lose Weight in 4 Weeks| Effective Diet Plan

Weight Loss In 4 Weeks | An Effective Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss In 4 Weeks | An Effective Weight Loss Diet Plan
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  • 20-Apr-2022

Weight Loss In 4 Weeks | An Effective Weight Loss Diet Plan

You can lose 20 kgs in just 4 weeks. Yes, it is possible to lose 20 kg weight in 4weeks with an effective diet plan. For losing weight, some dieticians deduct the right amount of food which leads to feeling hungry and then it is hard to follow a diet plan. 

But Dietician Ashu Gupta will provide the right plan for losing weight. Even you will enjoy your diet food without making faces. You will find the diet plan below.

How To Lose 20kg Weight in 4 Weeks?

Yes, it is possible to lose 20kg in 4 weeks. There are five main things you should do for weight loss are -

  1. Reduce Carbs and Refined Fats
  2. Include Salad in Every Meal
  3. Reduce Caffeine 
  4. Increase of protein in every meal
  5. Do Exercise daily 

Reduce carbs and refined fats- According to a medical report, an average Indian person eats 65 % of carbs in their daily life. Sugars and fats are the main reasons for gaining weight. 

Include salad in every meal - Salad has lots of fibre in it. It will help in losing weight. A salad contains carrot, cucumber, panner, avocado and broccoli. 

Reduce Caffeine - Caffeine leads to less sleep and more sugar craving. Beverages like coffee and tea. So in your daily routine, reduce the intake of caffeine. Drink only 2- 3 cups of coffee. 

Increase protein in a daily meal - Protein will help you in weight loss. It will fill your stomach and reduce the craving for food. 

Do exercise on regular basis - Exercise is the main thing and you should at least go for a walk for 30 min. Exercise helps in reducing belly fat. The exercise which you can do at home are - 

  • Brisk Walk
  • Running
  • Planks

These are the things you should follow daily.

An Effective Diet Plan Which Can Help In Weight Loss

There are some effective diet plans for weight loss. 

  • Ketogenic Diet 
  • Dash Diet
  • Flexitarian Diet
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Low Carbs Diet
  1. Keto genic diet - Ketogenic or keto diet is one of the best diet plans for weight loss. In this Diet plan, carbs will be low and more healthy fats food will be there. You can read our blog on the keto diet. 

  2. DASH Diet- Dash Diet stands for Dietary Approach To Stop Hypertension. Dash Diet plan is effective for high blood pressure people. 

  3. Flexitarian Diet-Flexitarian diet or plant-based diet. As the word says it only contains plant-based food. No animal foods are involved. 

  4. Intermittent Fasting- Intermittent fasting diet, in which a person has to fast two times a day within a gap. 

  5. Low carbs diet- In this low carbs, food is involved in low carbs diet. 

These are the diet plan which you can follow the diet plan and lose some weight. 

Dietician Ashu Gupta: Best Weight Loss Dietician in Gurgaon 

Dietician Ashu Gupta is one of the best dieticians in Gurgaon for weight loss. She had an experience of 20+ years. She had more than 1000+ clients. She has expertise in weight loss, diabetes and cholesterol.