Low Carb Diet Vs. The Raw Food Diet

Low Carb Diet Plan | Raw Food Diet Plan | Difference between low carb diet and raw food diet

Low Carb Diet Plan | Raw Food Diet Plan |  Difference between low carb diet and raw food diet
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  • 26-Jul-2021

The human body needs nutrition and there are just three components to all food that does so – proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. But, apart from the basic and important nutrition the body needs, it needs all inadequate and measured quantities to stay fit, healthy, and active and it is here diet matters.

We all look towards modifying our diets and become fitter and healthy. Here we look at two, vastly different diets that have different philosophies and impact the body differently – The Low Carb Diet and The Raw Diet.


The Low-Carb Diet

While avoiding carbohydrates is not a good bet, but eating foods low in carb can be very effective and a healthy way of losing some weight, especially when you eat healthy carbs. The diet was devised by Dr. Atkins – a cardiologist, who believed that carbohydrates are not good for his patients. He made out a diet that became popular by the name of Atkin’s Diet.

It is a diet that is all about restricting the intake of carbohydrates. Experts believe that carbohydrates in foods like pasta, bread, rice, wheat, fruit drinks, desserts, and more are responsible for weight gain.

The human body needs carbohydrates, as it is the source of energy that our body runs on. When we restrict carbohydrates, the body turns to other sources for its fuel needs and it feeds on fats, thereby cutting the stored fats in the body and making us slimmer. The major reason for this diet’s popularity is, it is easy to follow. Most of the foods that we consume on this diet are easy to get, eat, and do not make us feel deprived. But, a Low-Carb Diet is a short-term diet and many have reported losing weight quickly on being on this diet, but again gaining it back when they return to their normal diet. Anything that restricts fresh fruits and vegetables and is high in fat is recommended for long.


The Raw Food Diet

These days we hear a lot about eating fresh and raw and with celebrities endorsing the Raw Food Diet, it has become a hot topic in recent times. The state of heating foods or cooking foods destroys their natural benefits and enzymes. Many have reported feeling highly energized and lose weight going on the Raw Food Diet. Moreover, processed and other foods that are heavily salted make us bloated and cause weight gain. Raw foods are easy on the digestive system and can assist the body in getting rid of toxins and fats effectively.

The Raw Food Diet is all about eating 100% raw and uncooked food and typically consists of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, sprouts, and unpasteurized dairy products. With Raw Food Diet, you feel highly energized, lose weight, see your diseases disappearing, and get back happiness with a healthy body. The only difficulty people face with the Raw Food Diet is that it is highly restrictive and is difficult for people with an active social life.