Healthy Weight Loss Program

Healthy Weight Loss Program

What you eat, when you eat, and how you eat, and how physically active you make all the difference. The problem of overfat is commonly seen in people who consume too much alcohol, sugar in various forms. The wrong eating pattern along with lack of adequate physical activity can cause hormonal imbalances.

How Does Ashu Gupta's Diet Clinic Weight Loss Program Help?

The weight loss program includes:-
Detailed analysis of lifestyle, food habits, medical problems, and weight gain reasons. This can be done online through mail or telephone.

  • Phonic call or person's visit to the clinic.

  • Comprehensive and customized diets are planned considering detailed analysis. The clinic does not believe in crash diets and mono diets. Diets are wholesome.

  • 10 days diet plans are sent via WhatsApp or mail or in person's clinic visit.

  • Our online weight loss program is very convenient without any hassle of continuous clinic visits.

  • Business travel/ family travel/ eating out tips are also provided.

  • Weight maintenance tips are given at the end of the program.


The Weight Loss Program Specializes In :

  • Quick weight loss for defense personal.

  • Quick weight loss for the flying crew.

  • Quick weight loss for Beauty Pageant Contestants.

  • Quick weight loss for weddings / other events.

  • Weight loss diet plan for pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women.

  • Weight loss diet for hypothyroid patients.

  • Veg/Nonveg diet plans for weight loss.


There is no shortcut to reducing bad body fat levels; healthy eating and exercise need to be adopted as a way of life. People who strictly watch their calorie consumption forget that it is about how many calories one consumes a day and what calories comprise.


Dt. Ashu Gupta is one of the top weight loss expert in Gurgaon offers best consultation for weight loss.
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Best Healthy Weight Loss Program In Gurgaon (Gurugram) and Delhi NCR

Want to lose weight in a very simple way? dietician Ashu Gupta will help in losing weight with a very simple diet plan. In a healthy weight loss program, you will get a diet plan and food chart with proper calories. Before your diet plan, your full body will examine. and then your diet plan will make

Why Dietician Ashu Gupta is the best dietician for weight loss?