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How to control your weight | Weight Management Diet plan

How to control your weight | Weight Management Diet plan
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  • 26-Jul-2021

How to control your weight | Weight Management Diet plan

How to control your weight. Weight management diet plan by dietician Ashu Gupta. If you want to lose some weight get a diet plan which is easy to follow. You can manage your weight during pregnancy

There is no doubt that weight management is very important for us to sustain a healthy lifestyle. More than a quarter of the world’s population suffers from weight-related issues and does not come anywhere close to their ideal weight. There are various reasons for it. Some individuals may suffer from genetic diseases which may cause them to gain or lose weight while others may have succumbed to society’s increasingly materialistic demands on how the human body must look and have, in turn, adopted unhealthy lifestyles which may have led them to either lose extreme amounts of weight to ‘fit in’, or gain weight as a reaction to the idea of the ‘perfect body’ which may be difficult for them ever to achieve. 


How does Weight Management Diet Plan Works?

As you can tell, weight is something everyone struggles with, and so you must look at weight management programs to help you manage. Now that you know that, you may want to know which programs suit you. The best way to figure out which diet program to turn to is by looking at your BMI. Once you’ve got your BMI, that’ll help you determine which course of action to take. This table will help you:


Classification BMI Recommended Program
Underweight <18.5 Weight Gain 
Normal 18.5-24.9 No-Diet Needed 
Overweight 25.0-29.9 Weight Loss
Obese I 30.30-34.9 Weight Loss
Obese II 35.0- 39.9 Weight Loss
Obese III >=40.0 Weight Loss


As you can see, by looking at your BMI numbers, you can determine which diet program you’re supposed to look to for weight gain or weight loss. So, now that you know that. Let’s have a look at the options available


Weight Loss Diet Program

Weight Loss Programs are all about burning the extra reserves of fat you’ve got stored in your body. Depending on how much weight you need to lose, this diet may be low, moderate, or high on the amount of fat that needs to be burned. So, for such a diet, your specialist may recommend taking foods that have a low-calorie count so that your body is forced to utilize the fat it already had. Additionally, depending on whether you want to build your body mass and develop muscles, your specialist may even recommend taking foods that are high in fiber but low in their calorie count. Sugar is a big no-no in such diets as these, and fast foods, provide your body with unnecessary fat. For obese individuals, this diet may even require calorie counting.

Weight Management Diet plan

Weight Gain Diet Program

Unlike what you might think, while a weight gain diets focus on gaining weight, it does not focus on stuffing your face with sugars and fast food. What you need is to have food that is not only high in its calorie counts (though this may not always be the case) but also high in fibre and the other necessary proteins needed to help your body gain muscle and bone mass.


How to control weight?

It’s very important that you look to a specialist when doing a weight loss or weight gain program as it is very easy to gain back or lose weight easily. For this reason, you must take lessons from your diet and incorporate them into your daily lives. A food nutritionist or your medical specialist will be able to help you in achieving that.