Let Change - New Year Resolution Part 2

Weight Loss Resolution 2022 - Best diet food and diet tips for fat loss

Weight Loss Resolution 2022 - Best diet food and diet tips for fat loss
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  • 17-Feb-2022

Weight Loss Resolution 2022 - Best diet food and diet tips for fat loss

Hello everyone, welcome to our new blog. Hope you all doing fine and keeping yourself healthy and fit. So as it's 1month and 18 days now from resolution day. Some of you are going good and some of you may quit the resolution. So for those who keep going on the healthy part clap for yourself and for those who aren't able to follow their resolution so that worry smile on your face and let's start again for a new change. 

Weight loss resolution for fat loss

  1. Resolution for Weight Loss

According to Google reports, 49%  of people every year took the resolution of weight loss. Some of you think that weight loss means less food. But I again saying to you that it’s a total myth. Weight loss means changing your junky food with a healthy one that's it. By joining our weight loss program you can feel the easiness of following your resolution. 

How can we change junk food to healthy food? – Best Diet Food For weight loss

 There are many ways to change your junky and oily food with healthy food. Even you can try this at home.

  1. Cold drinks with Smoothies 

You can replace your cold drinks with healthy smoothies. Cold drinks contain a large amount of sugar and caffeine which is bad for your health. Instead of a cold drink, you can try 

2. Frend Fries with Fryer Eggplant

You can replace french fries with fryer eggplant. Frend fires are made up of potatoes which contain a huge amount of fat and carbs. Instead of french fries, you can eat fryer eggplant. It tastes nice and contains antioxidents like Vitamin A.

3, Masala Panner with Keto Panner

You can replace masala panner with keto panner. Masala panner contain so much deep fried in oil with lots of masala which is bad for body. Instead of masala panner try keto panner.

4. Sweets with Apple Pie

You can replace sweets with apple pie. Sweets only contain sugar. You can try apple pie it taste like sweet. 

5. Halwa with Bajra poha

You can replace halwa with bajra poha. Bajra is so healthy for body. 

Try this food at your home and keep yourself healthy and fit. Choose Right, Eat Right!!

Resolution Took Time – Best Diet Tips for Weight Loss

For every person who is taking resolution and after some time when they think it’s not working. Then this is the section for them. Don’t down your moral. Resolution took time. 

What you can do to keep yourself up

1. Start again – It’ s never too late

2. Go on easy . Don’t push yourself too much

3, Keep Patience

4. Go with small steps.

5. Have a routine.​

So that’s all for this blog. Hope you like it. And for any diet consultation, you can consult us via whatshapp, phone call. Dt Ashu Gupta is one of the best dietician for weight loss.