What causes acidity?

Acidity: What is acidity and cause of acidity ? | Dietician Ashu Gupta

Acidity: What is acidity and cause of acidity ? | Dietician Ashu Gupta
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  • 24-Jul-2021

Leading a sedentary lifestyle in a big city can make us vulnerable to frequent bouts of acidity and gas. At the times when acidity and gas get severe, people experience pain, bloating, and tightness of the stomach. Some might complain of nagging headaches too. Acidity and gas can manifest themselves as acute pain in the middle of the chest. Acidity also leads to burping and acid reflux in the esophagus. These problems are caused mostly by irregular food timings and regular intake of tea and coffee on an empty stomach.


 causes acidity

  1. When you eat an oil-rich meal late at night, it leads to severe acidity and gas in the morning. So, clearly avoid foods that are rich in fats like gravy.

  2. Skipping breakfast is a common cause of acidity. In case you rush out in the morning without having breakfast, it can result in acid build-up in the second half of the day.

  3. Having several cups of strong tea or coffee in the morning, especially on an empty stomach, can have adverse effects such as acidity, gas, and weight gain

  4. When we eat incompatible food combinations, the food ferments in the stomach, and the undigested food particles can lead to acidity and gas.


How can we control Acidity and Gas

  1. Kick out heavy dals such as rajma, chana, and deep-fried foods from your dinner plate.

  2. Drink a glass of lukewarm water after you wake up.

  3. Take two tablespoons of aloe vera juice on an empty stomach.

  4. Instead of skipping breakfast, have a light breakfast that includes Sprouts, egg whites, or steamed Idli

  5. Avoid milk in case you are lactose-intolerant.

  6. Eat a banana if you feel like acidity is building up in your stomach.

  7. Avoid dairy products in the morning, especially tea with milk.

  8. Natural herbs that control gas include hing, ajwain, and salt. These can be taken in very small quantities.