5 Food You Should Which Should Avoid If You Are Hypertension Patient

5 foods you should avoid for high blood pressure or hypertension

5 foods you should avoid for high blood pressure or hypertension
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  • 22-Sep-2021

5 Food You Should Which Should Avoid If You Are Hypertension Patient

High blood pressure which is also known as hypertension is now a days one of the most common issue among the youths and the old people alike. 

One of the biggest reasons of high blood pressure or hypertension is the diet and routine which we follow as an individual. The type of food which we eat plays a crucial role in our overall wellbeing. In this blog, we will try to identify certain foods and beverages which you should avoid if you are a patient of high blood pressure.

Let’s just agree on the fact that most of us loves to eat the kind of food which inherently are in the category of junk or are not good for health. Be it the spicy samosas, the sweet jalebi or the fluffy and spicy chole bhature. Most of us can’t take our hands off when it comes to the street food instead of knowing that these are the kind of foods which makes you fat and are one of the major reason for high blood pressure.

Savoring oily and sugary food which we take in our daily routine cause us hypertension. For high blood pressure patient there are certain food which you should avoid at any cost. This is recommended by British Medical College. Hypertension is one of the major cause of death due cardiovascular, morbidity and heart related issues.

The food & beverages which should be avoided by the patient of high blood pressure as suggested by British Medical College –

1. Coffee

Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine. For high blood pressure patients, caffeine and the products having caffeine should be avoided. Even energy drink should be avoided if you are suffering from high blood pressure because of its excess content of caffeine and sugar. Now you must be wondering how on the earth you will wake up from deep slumber if you can’t have a cup of coffee, so here is good tip for you. Try eating an apple early in the morning. Apple contains 13 grams of natural sugar which can help you to wake up early, it works even better than coffee. Do not believe us, try it for your self.

2. Canned Food

Canned food contain high amount of sodium which is bad for your health if you are a patient of high blood pressure. Apart from that the preservatives and chemicals which canned food uses is in general bad for your health.

3. Sugar

Sugar is one of the major culprits of high blood pressure among Indians. Taking sugar can increase your weight which can cause high blood pressure and other related diseases. Try to avoid sugar and sugar products as much as you can.

4. Red meat 

Another major reason of high blood pressure is increased cholesterol level. One of the major source of high cholesterol is Red meat. Red meat in general has a high level of cholesterol which can cause high blood pressure among individuals causing heart related diseases.

5. Excessive use of salt

Excessive use of salt in your food and beverages can contribute to high blood pressure which consequently leads to heart related illness, kidney related illness, fluid retention, stroke etc. However this doesn’t mean that you need to completely cut down on your salt consumption. It is imperative to note that salt is an important nutrient which is required by human body. Our body needs salt to balance fluids and maintain healthy blood pressure, but like all other products excessive use of salt is bad for human body. 

Apart from the above mentioned food and beverages there are more food which high blood pressure patients should avoid. If you have any question related to high blood pressure diet. You can contact us either via call or whatsapp or you can visit our book your consultancy page on our website www.dieticianashugupta.com  and book your appointment.