What is Reverse Diabetes and There Types?

Reverse Diabetes Diet Plan | How to get rid off from Diabetes Type 2

Reverse Diabetes Diet Plan | How to get rid off from Diabetes Type 2
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  • 12-Aug-2021

Reverse Diabetes

According to the 2017, International Diabetes Federation (IDF) report approximately 430 million people are suffering from diabetes worldwide and this number is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Diabetes currently stands as a major public health issue around the globe including in India. Diabetes also stands as one of the major reasons for the increasing rate of heart attacks among people.

Diabetes type-2 was once considered as an incurable chronic disease, however, the paradigm is shifting for the better and now there exist researches which show that diabetes can be reversed through weight loss, healthy diet plan, and calorie restrictions program.


Types of Diabetes that can be reversed and which cannot be reversed


There are certain types of diabetes that can be reversed and then there are some which can be reversed with a healthy diet plan, calorie restriction program, and Weight loss.

  • Irreversible Diabetes

Type-1 diabetes falls in the category of irreversible type of diabetes because the body stops the production of insulin.

Diabetes which is inherited through genes commonly known as genetic diabetes also falls within the category of irreversible diabetes.

  • Reversible Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes falls within the category of Reversible Diabetes. One of the major characteristics of Type-2 diabetes is highly elevated blood sugar level. The main reason for type-2 diabetes is insulin resistance in the body. In type-2 diabetes, though the body produces insulin it is not optimally utilized by the cells. There can be various reasons for this but the primarily being:
Obesity Poor diet

  • Body resistance to insulin

Type-2 diabetes can be reversed through perseverance while adhering to a healthy diet, weight loss program, and calorie restrictions. When you focus on your weight loss and calorie intake through a healthy diet, it ultimately results in weight loss. This weight loss reduces the fat deposit around the pancreas and liver which eventually helps in increasing the insulin activity in the body and thus reducing diabetes.


How Ashu Gupta’s Diabetes reversal program can help you?


Dr. Ashu Gupta’s specially curated Diabetes Reversal Program (DRP) focuses on a set of tried and tested programs of intense calorie restriction, healthy exercises, and assorted diet plans. You too can benefit from our flagship Diabetes Reversal Program (DRP).
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