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Diet Management Diet Plan | Lose Your Weight With Dietician Ashu Gupta

Diet Management Diet Plan | Lose Your Weight With Dietician Ashu Gupta
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  • 26-Jul-2021

Diet management is the practice of giving a person or group a healthy lifestyle in terms of dietary choices. It is done by professionals who are licensed to diagnose the nutritional problems of the patient and are qualified to treat in the best manner. Many experts, known as Dieticians, study the diet concerns of an individual and provide them with specially prepared meal plans so as to improve their health conditions. 

As diet has become a major concern among today’s generation, seeking Dietician's help becomes prominent. There is a continuous growth in the dietician requirements, so does the dietician in Gurgaon. Among the abundance of options available to choose from, Ashu Gupta tops the list. She is a renowned and best dietician in Gurgaon. For years, she is offering nutritional consultation and counseling to help individuals in maintaining their lifestyle and healthy well-being. She and her team work on the fact that “Food has the power to heal” and offers suggestions that can be easily incorporated into daily life. 


Why is Fruit Healthful, Even Though it Contains Sugar?


“Eat more fruits and vegetables” is perhaps the most common advice that you will get on consulting any dietician in Gurgaon or anywhere else. The fruit is known to be the healthiest, real, and the most perfect food to eat. Even though fruits are healthful, it is true that they contain sugar. However, the sugar present in fruits is natural and is way different from the thousands of assorted sweeteners. Consuming natural sugar is beneficial for well-being and is prescribed for a healthy diet. 

All fruits contain some extent of natural sugar. Some fruits have moderately high sugar content and some have low. Fruits like mangoes, watermelon, bananas, etc. fall under the category of sweet fruits. Although, fruits tend to have comparatively less sugar and are wise to consume. Having at least one fruit a day contributes to a balanced diet and offers a healthy and active lifestyle. To help you out with the misconception of Fruits being unhealthy because of sugar content, here are some reasons that sheds the light on the importance of fruits. The following grounds will help you understand why fruits are healthful, even though they contain sugar.


Provides Key Nutrients
The added sugar in the fruits is wrapped with a sundry of nutrients and fibers that are vital for health. Together with the sugar content, there are a plethora of fibers, vitamins, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and minerals that are indispensable for a smooth digestive system and working of the body. It functions as a natural source of energy and provides the apt amount of moisture that is needed. The fibers and nutrients available in the fruits absorb the fruit’s natural sugar and slow down its release in the bloodstream. This prevents the rise in sugar content in the body and helps to maintain consistent blood glucose.

  • A Lower level of Fructose

It is wise to cut down the consumption of added sugar that is generally available in processed or packaged food. This is because they contain a high amount of Fructose which has a negative effect on the metabolism if consumed in large amounts. However, the level of Fructose in fruits is way lesser to affect health. On consuming fruit, the Fructose hits the liver quite slowly. Till the time Fructose reaches the liver, the body becomes adaptive to easily metabolize it and does not impact our body negatively. This makes the available sugar of fruits harmless and makes them a healthful snack. 

  • Multiple Health Benefits and Disease Protection

A substantial number of health benefits are associated with the intake of fruits. Ditching on fruit is to miss out on the important nutrients that are much needed to live a healthy lifestyle. After a number of studies and deep analysis, it is observed that fruits work as a ward against inflammation and various deadly diseases. Consuming one plate of fruits provides the right amount of nutrients to the body that makes a person feel fuller for a longer duration, alleviates food cravings, improves heart health, and supports a healthy weight loss. Added to the list, fruits reduce the risk of heart attacks, breast cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, and several other diseases.  

  • Lower risk of obesity

Fruits are a perfect meal for losing weight. They are incredibly satiating because of the availability of high portions of fibers and vitamins. Consulting even the best dietician in Gurgaon will suggest an individual intake a good amount of fruits on a daily basis in order to lower the risk of obesity. Having fruit contributes to the feeling of fullness, even more than chicken and eggs. Because of this characteristic, consuming fruit decreases the overall calorie intake in a day without letting a person starve. This ultimately results in weight loss along with lowering the risk of obesity. 


The Bottom Line:

Given the strong benefits of fruits, it is quite advantageous to replace your food, specifically junk and processed food, with fruits and enjoy a healthy long life. Even with the availability of sugar content, the benefits of fruits overlap it and make it an ultimate recommendation by every dietitian in Gurgaon.