Healthy Tips For Gestational Diabetes

Healthy Tips For Gestational Diabetes

Healthy Tips For Gestational Diabetes
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  • 28-Apr-2023

When the body cannot create enough of the insulin hormone when pregnant, this type of diabetes develops. Insulin, which is made by the pancreas, aids in the body's cells using blood sugar as a source of energy.


During pregnancy, the body will release more hormones, which could result in weight gain. Insulin resistance is a change in how well cells use insulin as a result of these alterations.




  • To aid in controlling blood sugar levels dependable source and eat well The CDC, a reliable source, offers the following advice:
  • Avoid missing meals and eat at regular intervals.
  • To understand how food, beverages, and exercise affect blood sugar levels, keep a journal of your intake.
  • Pick foods with fewer calories, sugar, salt, saturated and trans fats, and other additives.
  • Rather than soda or juice, sip on water.
  • As a sweet treat, pick fruit rather than manufactured, sugary items.
  • Make easy substitutions, such moving from meals high in saturated fats, like butter and fatty cuts of meat, to foods high in unsaturated fats, like fish and olive oil.
  • To assist lower salt intake, look for foods marked "low in sodium" and steer clear of processed or packaged foods like pizza and deli meats.
  • Instead of using salt to season meals, use lemon, herbs, or spices.
  • For dinners, steam your veggies, or for an extra fibre boost, mix half a cup of beans or peas into your salad.
  • Aim for colourful meals by include a variety of dark green and vibrantly coloured veggies, as well as fruits like berries.