worst fruits for diabetics - which fruits to add or avoid in diabetes

worst fruits for diabetics - which fruits to add or avoid in diabetes

worst fruits for diabetics - which fruits to add or  avoid in diabetes
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  • 28-Dec-2022



There has existed a lot of speculation about eating fruits as a diabetic patient. A lot of people consider eating fruits as a source of gaining fibre, vitamins and nutrients but it can rather be a very risky snack to intake for a person living with diabetes. 


Fruits with a high GI are certainly the worst choice of fruits an individual with diabetes should even consider to eat. In short, carbohydrate foods having a high GI rating, that are very easily broken down expeditiously by your body can cause a massive and rapid increase in your blood glucose; something that should be avoided at all costs for diabetic patients. 


Fruits like mango, pineapple, watermelon, bananas, lychee, and even grapes have an exceptionally elevated amount of GI in them, making them probably the worst kind of foods for peoples with diabetes to involve in their meal routine. 




Diabetes is a disease or a condition where your blood glucose level is incredibly high. In simpler words, this disease results in excessive sugar in one’s blood. 


It mostly occurs when your body can either produce no insulin at all or even if it does, the insulin remains ineffective. 

There is an astounding number of 80 million people in India who are diagnosed with diabetes. Study shows that it is likely to reach and cross above 100 million in the coming 10 or so years. 




Diabetes usually can be a hereditary condition which means, if anyone in an individual’s family, whether the mother, the father, or their siblings have been diagnosed for diabetes, then one is likely to be diabetic themself. 


There are very productive methods to avoiding diabetes; most of which involve some sort of physical activity in action. This is not only good for the body physically but also helps an individual mentally as with a sense of relaxation and peace of mind. 


These may include:

1. Be more physically functional: Being physically active and mobile does wonders for the body. It assists in lowering your blood sugar levels, enhances the ability to regulate the body well, and boosts one’s response to insulin. Through this, your blood sugar tends to remain within the standard range. 


2. Resistance training: Resistance training or strength training is a type of exercise which involves physical activity that is specifically designed to improve your endurance as well as your strength. This exercise is particularly associated with weight lifting training, which further goes to body weight training. This exercise is a great method to increase metabolism to help you burn calories faster. 


3. Yoga or an aerobic exercise of one’s preference: yoga is a great way to make the body more active and flexible. Whereas aerobic exercises such as; fast or brisk walking, running, and even swimming assists highly in controlling one’s blood sugar levels thus preventing diabetic or any heart diseases whatsoever. 


4. Eat the right kind of food and stay fit: Intaking the right kind of food in your body is an essential part of keeping yourself disease-free. Foods that contain unsaturated fats or “the good kind of fats” are prone to promoting a healthy heart and even blood cholesterol levels. The good fats food that you can intake are; Fish, such as sardines, tuna and salmon. Olive, sunflower, and canola oils. Nuts, peanuts, flaxseeds, almonds are all the things that are linked to controlling your blood sugar levels and keeping them at an even range. 




When it comes to health, physical or mental; it is always recommended the best to seek professional help from an expert that can assist and provide you with what is best for yourself and your body without causing you any unnecessary stress. 


Moreover, people tend to rely more on professional medical help as a form of support and comfort when they know in the back of their mind that there health is in good hands and with an experienced doctor. 


Ashu Gupta, a creative and ethical Dietician who has accomplished Msc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management has devoted her life into helping her patients feel better and healthier in their body.


She is exceptional in her field of work and is committed to providing her patients a stress free dietary lifestyle, as she offers in assisting them with a customised diet chart as per their requirements and needs of their body. An expert like her is solely focused in providing the best of wellbeing and a deserved healthy lifestyle to her patients.