Raisins : A Dry Fruit Which Can Help In Weight Loss

How raisins helps in weight loss? | benefits of raisins by Dietician Ashu Gupta

How raisins helps in weight loss? | benefits of raisins by Dietician Ashu Gupta
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  • 19-Apr-2022

Hello everyone, hope you all doing well. As the summer starts, I hope you all join your weight loss journey. And the people who want to start their weight loss journey. They can consult us for a weight loss program. You can also read about the weight loss program.

In today's blog, we gonna start with our weight-loss food series - Part 2. In this, I gonna tell you about that how Raisins - a dry fruit can help you in weight loss. So let's start the blog.


What is a Raisin and How it is Good For Us?

Raisin is also known as kishmish(kismis). It is also known as a nature candy because it contains natural sugar. Raisin is made up of grapes. When the grapes were dried under the sun then the raisin will make.

Raisins are used in so many things like - yogurt, cookies and much more. As raisins are higher in sugar and in calories as well but they are also beneficial for our body.



How Does Raisin Benefit For Weight Loss?

The Benefit of raisins are - 

  1. It helps in digestion - As the raisin contains fibres. Dietary fibre is used in decreasing cholesterol in our bodies. 
  2. It helps in purifying Blood- Because of antioxidants. Raisin contains antioxidants. It helps in removing radicals from our body.
  3. Raisins contain a high amount of iron. It will help in making red blood cells in our body.
  4. Raisins help in improving your performance if you are a sportsperson you can eat raisins rather than gums and toffees.



Ways To Eat Raisins For Weight Loss

As raisins contain high sugar and high calories. There is a way to eat raisins. 

  1. You can eat raisins with the oats meal.
  2. You can drink raisins water by boiling raisins.
  3. You can add raisins to the cookies as well.
  4. Raisins also can be used in pasta.
  5. Raisins with the salad.

So that's all we have in this blog about raisins. Hope you like it. You can also read our previous blog on how panner can help in weight loss. If you have any queries related to weight loss. You can consult us via WhatsApp, Call or you can visit our diet clinic.