How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny Guys?

Diet Plan For Weight Gain | Top Dietician for weight gain in India

Diet Plan For Weight Gain | Top Dietician for weight gain in India
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  • 26-Jul-2021

Diet plan for weight gain | Top Dietician For weight gain in India

Diet plan for weight gain. Top dietician for weight gain in India. If you looking for a weight gain dietician? Consult dietician Ashu Gupta for a weight gain diet plan. Hello everyone, welcome to our new blog where you will get to know why your skinny friend or someone of your known didn’t gain weight while eating too much. We all have come across a person, who just doesn’t gain weight. In spite of eating and exercising, there isn’t a dime of weight on them. That may sound so absurd, but the basic law of weight gain is not being followed by them. In order to gain some weight, a skinny person requires to consume a high level of calories than his body actually burns. If the average intake of your calories is less than the expenditure, then you will never gain weight. To gain weight you need to make way for a surplus of calories. You have to follow some basic rules such as consuming more food than now, then add nutrition to your diet and train yourself physically to gain some weight and not be skinny. Read our blog on skin and hair growth.

Top 8 Tips for Weight Gain By Top Dietician From India

If you wish to gain weight then you must follow the below-mentioned basic rules.

  • Eat A Lot:

Eat as many calories based on the metabolism as well as activity levels. If you see that you are not putting on weight then the truth is you are not eating enough.

  • Consume More Meals:

Try meals in small quantities than the big ones. You would not be feeling stuffed. Wake up early, eat breakfast and then start to take 3 to 4 more meals daily.

  • Consume Food Rich In Calorie Content:

Foods having high carb content or fats will contain more calories in each serving. It will include less eating for creating a surplus of calories. Eat dried fruits, nuts and many more.

  • Eat Lots Of Protein Rich Food:

Muscles generally require protein for recovering from the workouts that you performed as well as growing much bigger. Consume a whole source of protein along with each and every meal such as meat, eggs, chicken, fish, etc.

  • Drink Liquids:

It is easier to digest blended food than solid ones. Prepare shakes by mixing oats, bananas, whey protein, milk, and peanut butter. Make use of a blender. It will aid you in gaining weight.

  • Keep A Track Of The Consumed Calories:

If you are skinny, you will definitely be overestimating how much you are eating. You will be thinking that you eat a lot. But actually, you do not. So it is essential to keep a track of your calorie intake in order to ensure that you are eating enough for gaining weight.

  • Do Heavy Lifts:

Do you engage your time in curls or flies? Then do not waste your time any further. Instead, these perform free weight as well as compounds such as Squats along with Deadlifts. They will be triggering extra strength as well as the muscle will gain from putting on weight.

  • Stay Consistent:

You may eat a lot one day but then for the remaining week you eat less, then you would not be gaining weight. You need to stay consistent while eating more throughout the week as it is necessary to consume more than your body burns fats. This will only increase your body weight.

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Diet Plan For Weight Gain

You need to make some dietary adjustments such as planning your eating form, adding calories, etc.

  • Calories: Try to add 500 calories every day to the average calories.

  • Protein: Ensure that you are consuming at least 180 grams of protein daily.

  • Fats: Be sure that at least 20% of the calories you intake every day is coming from healthy fats.

  • Carbs: Apart from putting the proteins and fats in place, fill up the remaining everyday calorie intake with fine carbs like fruits, grains, vegetables and so on.


Consult Dietician Ashu Gupta For Weight Gain

These are the general guidelines for weight gain, in case you have any medical issues. Consult your dietician.