My New Year Resolution 2022

2022 New year resolution | Weight loss Resolution 2022

2022 New year resolution | Weight loss Resolution 2022
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  • 29-Dec-2021

2022 New Year Resolution – Let’s start fresh with a new year

Hello everyone, welcome to my new blog on new year resolution. This blog will help out in how to stick with your diet plan this year. 

Isn't it true that the holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, eating delicious cuisine, and having a wonderful time? You stuffing yourself up with all the delicious food and cuisines you can lay your hands to, thinking and resolving with firm conviction within yourself that, starting January 1st, you'll eat better and exercise more. You'll start becoming in shape then. Your New Year's resolve will be to do this. After December, everything will be better.
Does this ring a bell? If yes, you're one among the millions of individuals who are unhappy with their extra body weight or slow physical state at the turn of the year and are determined to do something concrete about it this coming year but does not have an idea about where to start from. Let’s help you out!
So, how does one go about selecting the right diet and exercise programme? And here's what we recommend.
First thing first. Take note, that achieving your goal of a slimmer, fitter physique may take some time, especially if you've overindulged or haven't been physically active in a while.
Now having said that, let’s begin.
If you're making a big resolutions to "eat healthy" this coming year — Stop attempting to change your whole diet in a single day! If you make the decision to think small, you can achieve any diet goal by taking one concentrated step at a time. Why not start with these small, achievable straightforward suggestions?
Suggestion No. 1:
Take it easy, Don’t Rush
Are you making a resolution to eat more fibre or vitamin rich food this year? Perhaps some fresh fruit or additional protein rich diet? Changing your diet is simpler if you take tiny, gradual adjustments. Consider the following scenario:
1. Make a daily commitment to include a piece of vegetables in your brown bag lunch.
2. Set aside a day exclusively for protein rich diet.
3. Make a single serving of your favorite whole-grain cereal and nibble on it, if you keep feeling hungry through the day.
Suggestion No. 2:
Be more hydrated than yesterday
Water is inexpensive, fat-free, and provides a hydrating boost to your body. Do you find the concept of drinking eight glass of water every day intimidating? Consider the following:
1. Before brushing your teeth, drink one glass of water first thing in the morning.
2. Tempted for soda? How about having a glass of your favorite juices?
3. Make a goal to drink one cup of water more today than you did yesterday.
Suggestion No. 3:
Make your life more colorful
Go for the Gold... and Red... and Purple! Life is full of colors and so is fruits and vegetables. Reach for a rainbow of produce while you're shopping next time, since it's jam-packed with disease-fighting nutrients.
1. You can start by picking a color for each day. Mondays may be yellow, with grapefruit, golden apples, or maize, while Tuesdays might be purple, with plum and eggplant.
2. Involve the kids and create a theme: make a green pizza with emerald bell peppers and artichokes, or a red chilli with red fruit.
3. Go for a rainbow — try a new fruit or vegetable the next time you go grocery shopping.
Suggestion No. 4:
Stop Mindless Eating
One of your biggest enemy is mindless eating. You're sitting at the dinner table, chatting with friends or watching a movie, and you can't stop nibbling. To keep the cravings at bay,
try the following suggestions:
1. Put a sugar-free mint or a piece of gum in your mouth.
2. Floss or brush your teeth.
3. Pay attention and examine each piece of food you intend to consume.
4. Keep your hands occupied by drinking a glass of water, making a cup of tea, or wiping the table.
Suggestion No. 5:
Stack the Odds in Your Favor
Try and stack odds in your favor whenever possible. Remember to assist yourself in succeeding and to ask for aid when you need it.
1. Team up with a friend or family member to help you stick to your diet and weight-loss goals. Then, on a regular basis, share your thoughts, plans, and achievements.
2. Keep all temptations, like ice cream, chips, and soda, at the grocery store. Make a promise to yourself that you'll only indulge in desires while you're not at home, and only in one-serving increments.
3. As far as possible try attending non-food events to socialize. Meet up with your buddies at the park, on a stroll, or at the movies.
If you follow above given small steps diligently, you can achieve your objective. Make a few basic diet resolutions for this year, and then see how far you can go!