The Wedding Myths for weight loss

Weight loss for wedding | Myths on weight loss during wedding

Weight loss for wedding | Myths on weight loss during wedding
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  • 20-Dec-2021

 What You Should Do And Don't For Weight Loss During The Wedding.

"Wedding Weight Loss: Get the Body of Your Dreams!"
"How to Get in Shape for Your Wedding!"
"Shedding for the Wedding!" exclaims the narrator.
These are all true (and perhaps disturbing) headlines that put pressure on women and grooms to appear "ideal" before their wedding day by losing significant weight.

The Wedding myths

Brides aren't the only ones who think they need to lose weight before going down the aisle: According to a poll of 163 grooms-to-be, 39% were aiming to shed weight in preparation for their weddings.
According to research, the urge to reduce weight after the wedding may have detrimental consequences: Women who were urged to lose weight before their wedding "gained much more weight post-wedding," according to a 2019  research, than brides who were not told to reduce weight before the wedding.
If you do decide to reduce weight before your wedding, make sure you do it in a healthy and long-term way so you can look and feel your best on your wedding day and afterward.
Diets that severely restrict calories or exclude whole food categories might leave you exhausted, irritable, and unable to complete an exercise. They might also keep you from acquiring the essential nutrients and vitamins your body needs.
In addition, not eating enough on the day of (or a few days before) your wedding might make you feel sluggish on your special day: "Please don't undertake a juice cleanse the week before your wedding,".
The answer is to go slowly and steadily. "It's normally advised to lose one to two pounds every week,".
People have a lot of misconceptions about losing weight during a wedding. But, as a dietician, I'll advise you what you should do and what you shouldn't do in order to lose weight.
1. Don't take tension - Tension will cause you to gain weight.
2. Avoid junk food - Junk food and oily foods are the leading causes of weight gain.
3. Eat fewer sweets - Sweets are the major course at an Indian wedding, and everyone enjoys them. If you have a sweet tooth, you should limit your intake of sweets.
4. Don't buy tiny dresses - Small dresses or dresses that are too tight don't fit your physique. And we typically buy little dresses to seem fit, but it will work. As a result, purchase dresses that are somewhat larger in size.
5. Don't let your stomach empty - With so much work to do at a wedding, we often forget to eat.