Easy Tips for Weight Loss By Our Expert Dietician

Easy tips for weight loss by expert dietician | Weight loss Diet plan

Easy tips for weight loss by expert dietician | Weight loss Diet plan
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  • 26-Jul-2021

Ashu Gupta, the best weight loss dietician in Gurgaon, can guide you with tips to lose weight quickly, healthily, and safely. Read ahead to check them out.


Tips for Weight Loss


  1. Begin the day with a workout
    Exercising early morning is proven to give a healthier and slimmer body than exercising late in the day. This way, you can also carry your energy and feel-good hormones all along your day.


  1. Weigh yourself only weekly
    Stop weighing yourself each day. It might demotivate and panic you. The scale might also deceive as your muscle weight gets added. Weigh yourself once early morning weekly. 


  1. Carry your snacks
    Packing your healthy snack on your journey or work can prevent you from depending on randomly available unnecessary food. Carry small packs of cheese/paneer, dark chocolate, sprouts, chaach, plain yogurt, fruits, seeds, and nuts. 


  1. Try eating meals at home
    Having meals at home provides you with full control over ingredients like salt, oil, fat, and sugar that gets added to your food unnecessarily. 


  1. Be a water baby
    Go swimming. Drink more fluids like water and green veggie juices. Each season comes with lots of water-rich fruits. For instance, try melon juice in the summer and warm lemon juice or amla-water in the winter. Find the summer veggies and fruits containing 96% water. 


  1. Eat slowly
    We know it but forget to practice it. This way, your portions will decrease. So you will be able to better absorb the foods. Eat with absolute relaxation to absorb and digest ideally. 


  1. Have more protein
    Raise your protein consumption. It can help muscle and destroy unnecessary fat. Go for meat, fish, chicken, lentils, sprouts, eggs, and cheese. Moreover, since the body needs time for digesting protein, this keeps you satiated and feel full. You can even start the day with a high-protein breakfast. 


  1. Consume more whole foods
    As they are digested slowly, they are more satiating and healthy. They can reduce your habits of overeating.


  1. Avoid stocking unhealthy foods at home
    To stop eating unhealthy foods like packaged or processed foods, first, stop buying them. Else, it’s hard to resist your temptation if they are available at hand.  


  1. Sleep enough
    Adequate sleep helps in various ways. Poor sleep can keep adding to your body weight unknowingly. 


  1. Have tea or coffee
    Having more coffee or tea can also shed weight. Caffeine is proven to improve the body’s metabolism.