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  • 26-Jul-2021


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that has now become a common health condition to be faced by females in their reproductive age. Approximate of one in five Indian women, i.e. 20% are projected to suffer from PCOS. This disorder is commonly associated with prolonged or irregular menstrual cycles due to the paucity of reproductive hormones. When the ovaries produce more than the required amount of male hormones i.e. testosterone, it causes a shortage of female hormones and eventually results in hormonal disbalance. This affects the normal menstruation cycle of women and creates cysts around the ovaries. Various researches are done on PCOS and show the importance of diet in curing it. It is studied that PCOS is greatly influenced by what women eat. This makes consulting a dietician for a balanced diet plan quite important. There are various dietitians whom you can contact for the PCOS diet in Gurgaon.  

Food should be considered as a medication for every woman who thrives with PCOS. Maintaining a balanced diet is key for curing this disorder. A healthy diet helps in maintaining weight and improves the way the body possesses glucose. To provide yourself with a well-planned diet, it is suggested to consult a dietician. Ashu Gupta is a well-known PCOS Diet Management in Gurgaon who can be consulted for curing PCOS. 


Is the keto diet good for PCOS? 

Ketogenic Diet, popularly known as Keto Diet, is a low-carb, high-fat, and moderate-protein diet that aims to change the fuel that our body requires for energy. This diet is composed of 70-80% of healthy fats, 20-25% of proteins, and 5-10% of carbohydrates. Depriving your body of having carbs will shift it from glucose to fats for offering energy. This will eventually help in losing the extra weight along with preventing various chronic diseases. Having a keto diet is beneficial for losing weight, improving epilepsy, maintaining insulin levels, and having smooth and healthy skin. 

Even though the Keto diet is a good option for healthy well-being, following the Keto diet in PCOS or not is still remains an answered question. To know whether the Keto diet is good in PCOS or not, women are required to gain a deep understanding of the causes behind PCOS. Insulin resistance is a significant cause of this condition. There are, however, many more variables that lead to PCOS in women. This makes the Keto diet good or bad at the same time. 


Positive Aspect of the Keto Diet for PCOS:

Since insulin resistance is the most popular cause behind PCOS, any dietician for a PCOS diet in Gurgaon will suggest giving the Keto diet a try. Numerous ladies are able to reverse their PCOS with the help of a simple keto diet. The advantages of the Keto diet are way more than weight loss. It helps in reducing chronic inflammation that is worth considering for curing PCOS. With that, it also benefits in reversing insulin resistance. All this makes the Keto diet pretty remarkable. If suggested to opt for a Keto diet by Dietician in Delhi Ncr, women are required to be more attentive and must keep some points in mind.  


For creating a PCOS keto diet, it is vital to restrict unnecessary consumption of carbohydrates. However, if adjusting to the new diet becomes a struggle, then a little proportion of carbs can be added to the diet.
Fiber-rich vegetables, an appropriate amount of protein, and a good proportion of calories are a must to consume. 
It is required to go slow with the keto diet. Being gentle with yourself is much needed for making the most out of the Keto diet along with curing PCOS.
For knowing the results better, you must choose to cycle in and out with the Keto diet. This means living on a keto diet for a few months and then feed your gut with some carbs. By doing so, you can understand what works the best for your PCOS and how it can be controlled. 



The downside of Keto Diet For PCOS:

The higher number of stress hormones is another cause behind PCOS which is quite prominent too. If a woman is struggling with stress hormones, then choosing the Keto diet is not a good option. In such a scenario, the keto diet might worsen the PCOS symptoms and leave an adverse effect on the gut microbiome. When the stress hormones are overactive, consuming a keto diet i.e. intaking low carbs will put more stress on the adrenal glands and this will ultimately affect negatively.  



The essence of eating is to intake a correct blend of diet. A Keto diet might be proved an effective tool for PCOS if the cause behind the concern is correctly understood. Since having a balanced diet is not the only way to cure PCOS, you must add some exercise, meditation, and rest to your routine. By improving the lifestyle along with a balanced and healthful diet, you might be able to take control of PCOS and enjoy a physically active lifestyle.