Try To Lose Weight, But Finding It Slow You May Have Pcos

PCOS Weight Gain Problem | PCOS Weight Loss Diet Plan

PCOS Weight Gain Problem | PCOS Weight Loss Diet Plan
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  • 26-Jul-2021

If you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome symptoms, then you may find to lose weight slowly. We know with PCOS weight loss is a constant battle and why its so darn difficult to shed extra pounds? Below are some points lets have a look to know why it is slow to lose weight, you may have PCOS.


Role of Insulin in PCOS

Insulin is a vital hormone that’s majorly responsible for dealing with sugar and metabolizing glucose in our bloodstream. It carries sugar to the muscles. The process of insulin is involved in storing the fat we need later.

According to research women with PCOS have some types of dysfunction in the cells that are responsible for secreting insulin. This means your body requires more insulin than normal to manage the sugar level in the blood. A high level of insulin happens to store more fat and it makes the symptoms of PCOS gets more worsen.


Slow metabolism

Women diagnosed with PCOS have slower metabolic rates. The metabolic rates include the heart, brain, and other organs keep in a good condition. According to study women with PCOS required 1868 calories per day while women without PCOS needed 1445 calories per day. That means women with PCOS have a slower metabolism and they don’t require more calories like women without PCOS.


Controlling of Appetite

There are lots of hormones involved with appetite control. Women with PCOS feel hungry even they have eaten all the calories and nutrients they require.


Summing it up

  • Losing weight is vital while managing PCOS. Weight loss during PCOS is tough but possible. You should cut off your carb intake. This will impact directly your insulin level. They should be limited to small quantities.

  • Always add fiber to your daily food routine. High fiber intake slows down the insulin level in the body. Proteins must be taken from chicken, egg, fish, etc.

  • Avoid processed foods. If you have PCOS sugar processes differently in your body. It’s always essential to cut down on processed foods from your diet.


Fermented food for your diet

Fermented foods are high in probiotics. This will increase healthy bacteria in your guts. This will boost the metabolism and help women with PCOS with weight management.

  • Avoid starving

Starving is never going to help you in losing weight. If you don’t eat enough the hormones that control the appetite leading you to have weight gain again.

  • Sleep well

Lack of sleep can drive hunger. As a result throughout the day, you will feel hungry. Keep in mind that exposure in sunlight after 30 mins of getting up from sleep can increase the melatonin level and you can have a better sleep at night.

PCOS is meant to be a hormonal imbalance. You can lose weight by following the above tips. Majorly if you cut down the carb intake you can lose weight easily. Having plenty of fiber can also help to lose weight.

Final thought

Women with PCOS should follow a high-fiber diet. This helps to minimize excessive body fat and weight relevantly.