How Vitamin C Can Lower Your Risk Of Covid-19

How Vitamin C Can Lower Your Risk Of Covid-19

How Vitamin C Can Lower Your Risk Of Covid-19
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  • 26-Jul-2021

COVID-19 pandemic that has affected millions around the world and with no vaccine yet insight, we are left with only our body’s natural defense mechanism – the immune system. We need to ensure that it stays at the prime of its health against attacks from dangerous pathogens (viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms).

In the madness to get a possible cure from the deadly coronavirus, scientists and medical experts around the globe are brainstorming day and night. According to many health experts and even the WHO (World Health Organization) we should consider including Vitamin C for immunity to the list of potential therapies against this deadly virus.

Expert dieticians and health advisors say that Vitamin C is an important nutrient that has multiple roles to play in supporting good in the healthy human body. It is an effective antioxidant that can neutralize disease-causing unstable compounds, also termed as free radicals in the human body. It not protects, but also can reverse cellular damages caused by these free radicals. It has a crucial role in numerous biochemical processes in the human body that promotes the functionality and strength of the immune system.


The Vitamin C and Immunity Bond
Vitamin C is a vital nutrient found in plenty of fruits and vegetables. It is a great aid in reducing the impacts of many infections and viruses invading the human body. Researches confirm Vitamin C for immunity and its highly valuable abilities in controlling and decreasing lung inflammations – a major symptom of COVID-19 attack.

Phagocytes – the immune cells that kill harmful bacteria and viruses in the human body gets an effective boost with Vitamin C. Vitamin C aids in the circulation of antibodies and proteins, which attacks these pathogens that float in our blood system by aiding the growth of a type of immune cells called lymphocytes.


Vitamin C and its effects in lowering the risk of infections by COVID-19

COVID-19 is relatively a new disease. Constant efforts and studies around the world are been made to understand it better. However, studies already conducted on the virus and its impacts have surprisingly revealed that vitamin C may be highly beneficial on certain people, particularly those who are already deficient in the vitamin, and further go on to develop COVID-19. Currently, many trials are underway that specifically are investigating the use of vitamin C for immunity and to treat severe COVID-19 cases.


Vitamin C on COVID-19, as revealed by studies:

  • It is highly beneficial, especially for the elderly with acute respiratory infections.
  • All those who suffer from recurrent acute respiratory distress syndrome.
  • It reduces the severity and duration of the common cold.
  • Reduces hospitalization period due to pneumonia in elderly patients.
  • Reduces the need for use of mechanical ventilation for patients in ICU.
  • Prevents any incidences of pneumonia in people who are vitamin C deficient.
  • Studies confirm that people suffering from regular infections like the common cold have reduced levels of vitamin C in their bodies.


Your Diet and Immunity

Though any specific diet or food can be named that directly boosts the health of the human immune system, it is true that without the supply of proper nutrients needed by the body, the immune system could suffer. This could further jeopardize our health and increase the risk of many infections. And, this includes the deficiency of nutrients like vitamins C and D. The two nutrients are commonly found in less quantity with people regularly suffering from infections, including pneumonia.

Our bodies cannot perform to the best of their capacity without the basic building blocks that it needs critically. A diet comprising of fresh-whole foods has reasonably good amounts of nutrients and is also by far the best way to provide the body with a healthy dose of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. It is our responsibility to ensure that we get to eat a variety of foods, especially Vitamin C for an immunity boost. This would ensure that we don’t miss any valuable ingredients to boost our immunity.

  1. Vitamin A and beta-carotene: could be found in dark leafy vegetables, pumpkins, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, and other dark leafy vegetables and also mangoes.

  2. Vitamin C: easily found in all citrus fruits, strawberries, asparagus, cauliflower, bell peppers, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes.

  3. Vitamin E: can be found in almonds, whole grains, sweet potatoes, vegetable oils, wheat germ, and yams.

  4. Selenium: can be easily found in oily fishes like salmon, sardines, and herring.


What started in China and then the rest of the world and now in India, it is evident that immunity is the best defense against COVID-19. High doses of Vitamin C are being used in improving the lung functionality of people getting affected. However, the potency of the vitamin is being studied to depth for its other valuable impact during this time.

Vitamin C is a critical nutrient that helps the immune system run properly. To get plenty of immune-strengthening vitamin C in our foods, we need to make sure that we eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Though currently there is no cure for COVID-19, preventive measures like physical distancing; sanitizing, and proper hygiene can help protect you from developing the disease.