Want To Lose Some Weight During The Pandemic, Staying At Home?know Here How!!?

Want To Lose Some Weight During The Pandemic, Staying At Home?know Here How!!?

Want To Lose Some Weight During The Pandemic, Staying At Home?know Here How!!?
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  • 26-Jul-2021

The so-called modern urban Indian society seems to have understood the importance of staying healthy, slim and fit. Now the entire fraternity seems very serious and concerned about the possibilities of gaining weight during the pandemic, less to move out freely. Believe it or not, we are actually in a true state of full-on possibilities of gaining weight and in particular those active, moving lot who have their life come to a full state of inactivity, being arrested at home most of the time.

With no or very little option of activity and with uncontrolled access to plenty of food at home, we all are in a double whammy to weight gain. We can only keep praying for better times to return and wish to stay healthy and safe at this juncture. Here are some tips for all of you to prevent or maybe at least reduce any possibilities of weight gain during this period with restrictive activities.



It is normal for anybody to spend most of their time at home and doing nothing and fall prey to easy foods. Use this opportunity in your favor. When you have very little to out with restrictive or zero options available, you are eating homemade food – low in calories and zero trans. Make it total to your advantage by resorting to further low-calorie and nutritious options like sprouts and salads instead of homemade samosas and pakoras.

Remember that you are not burning enough calories, and maintaining a healthy weight in such conditions that our intake of food, which is also the fuel for the body, should be less.

Fuel foods – main carbs like bread, rice, roti, potatoes, and alike should be considerably curtailed for the time being. Also at this time the body does not needs extra energy when at rest or sleep. Hence, these foods should be completely cut out, especially from the dinner menu. If satisfaction is an issue, opt for the ones that are low or noncarb like dal, fresh veggies, fruits, and alike.

Another important thing is having timely and regular meals. It is the metabolism that matters and if you want your metabolism to work fine, follow these guidelines. It is highly important that we eat nutritious foods at regular intervals and not as per our wills and fancies. Having a late dinner and immediately sleeping after meals is one bad thing that we develop at such a period. The aim should be to develop a habit of having timely meals, whether you are working from home or you are outside. By doing so, you can lose weight during the pandemic.



Many of us do not understand the importance of staying and maintaining an active lifestyle. There are two things that we almost ignore, but are very important and especially at this hour. Firstly, boosting our immunity to keep us safe and protected from the dangers of getting infected by the coronavirus and the second is keeping at the best of our mood and anxiety. The best answer is exercising. When you exercise, the body releases chemicals, called endorphins – known to elevate mood, improve the feeling of happiness, and reduce the feeling of anxiety and depression.

You may feel cramped up with space at home to do the things easily that you can do outdoor, look for activities that can be performed in restricted space. Skipping, yoga, and aerobics are good examples. But whatever you do, you must consider including all forms from stretching to muscle toning and cardio. Timing should not be much of a difficulty with different exercise schedules that can be followed to avoid boredom and monotony. You can look for various home-based exercises over the internet and social media platforms and stay engaged and lose weight during the pandemic.



Like any other disease of modern times, weight gain and obesity are also mental games. While we have less to do during these times, it is also essential that we also do not eat more than required. The formula is simple – eat more, stay laid, and gain weight. We should use this time to understand our lifestyles. Note the mistakes we make or have been making so long and amend them for a netter a healthier tomorrow. Look for ways to overcome temptations that may seem impossible to control and lose weight during the pandemic. Eat less and work out more. Tame your mind and allow recognizing and accessing what is best in our favor.



Humans are selfish. Use this selfishness to objectively assess, evaluate, and respond to all your lifestyle choices. You must know that assessing, evaluating, and responding to weight gain is quite easy. Just by measuring your weight, once a week is good enough to give you an idea of where you are heading. This will also allow you to lose weight during the pandemic.

Nothing is impossible. The times are as such that nothing much could be done than to stay at home as much as possible and be safe and protected. It is always possible to maintain or lose weight with just a few amendments in ours. Remember, what we gain in these few weeks might take years to lose and none of us would like to be addressed as a “fatty”.