How Effective Is A Fruits-only Diet For Weight Loss?

Effective Fruits only diet plan for weight loss | Dietician Ashu Gupta

Effective Fruits only diet plan for weight loss | Dietician Ashu Gupta
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  • 26-Jul-2021

Weight loss is directly proportionate to what we choose to eat every day. Calories matter, but they might not be that important when compared to eating the right foods. Saying so, dieting is the most preferred way of  weight loss in recent times, and amongst all various diets that have proved their existence with high levels of success and good health, on the name that surfaces in the list is the “fruits-only diet.” Here, we will discover the truth and its effectiveness.


 So, let’s begin with – what is a fruit-only diet?

Simply defining, it directly means that you eat nothing else, apart from a variety of fruits the whole day. It may be substituted with fruit juices and dried fruits, but it has to be only fruits. It makes liberal use of fruits and fruit extracts for weight loss.

Fruits are a major component that is enriched with the richness of minerals and vitamins that helps in eliminating all harmful toxins and chemical build-up inside the body. In short, they are great for detoxifying and healing the body. Fruits are also a great source of antioxidants that helps the body fight against various illnesses and helps keep you young and full of vigor and vitality.


Now that you know what is a fruit diet and the good it can do to us, you must be wondering what does a fruit-only diet help in losing weight?

Simply putting it straight – it can! It works best if it is done relatively for a shorter period, like a few days or a week or two. In a two-week fruit dieting, you can very easily lose around 4 – 5 kgs, and it is possible by eating a variety of fruits like apples, melons, bananas, sweet oranges, apricots, and more. Also, you will have to omit all other types of foods, including caffeine and alcohol.

The reason why a fruit-only diet is never recommended for a longer period is that it starves the biddy of essential carbohydrates and proteins. It does not or stops working if continued for a longer duration because fruits are naturally sweet and contain natural sugars, and excess sugar can get converted and stored in the body as fats. Therefore, all the purpose of trying a diet for weight loss is lost.


Can, it be dangerous?

Yes, if continued for a long period. The effects can be really harmful. Fruits are not a complete meal, even if it provides the body with valuable vitamins and minerals. A complete and correct diet for healthy living is one that comprises carbs, proteins, fats, and fibers in the correct ratio.


How often should we eat fruits or try a fruit-only diet?

The best move is to replace a complete meal with only fruits in a day, as these fruits are the biggest source of valuable and vital minerals and vitamins for the body. If you like to try a fruit-only diet for a few kgs of weight loss, it should be practiced for a few days and a maximum of a week or two.

Fruits are great for healing the body and detoxification. If you are using a fruit diet for detoxification, it depends upon what you are getting a detox. It is always better to check your healer on the same.

A fruit-only diet nourished the body and also does not have any side effects. It helps in improving our cognitive abilities and physical revival. Try for a shorter period and get rid of the extra celluloid from the body.