15 foods to avoid with high blood pressure

15 foods to avoid with high blood pressure

15 foods to avoid with high blood pressure
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  • 20-Mar-2023

High blood pressure is very common in adults. This usually occurs in an individual due to an unsustainable and unhealthy eating habits and dietary lifestyle. High blood pressure is mostly incurable, however, one may take certain food/meal precautions into controlling and balancing it by switching to a healthy active food lifestyle. 

Here are some foods that one should avoid with high blood pressure:


1. Salt/ salty foods: High sodium consumption can lead to an increase in high blood pressure which then can cause a major risk factor to heart disease problems such as an attack or a stroke. 


2. Fast food: Fast food without a doubt is not only a risk to a high blood pressure in an individual taking in consideration that it is excessive in sodium as well as days old oil; but it also contains unhealthy amounts of calories, and fats that can ignite the risk of a possible heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure, and an overall harmful approach to lifestyle. 


3. Red meat: Red meat is extremely high in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fats and should be avoided for people with high blood pressure as it leads to hypertension and promotes to many cardiovascular diseases.  


4. Processed foods: Again, processed foods are known for having enormous amounts of sodium (salt) and many people tend to intake it without realising how much salt is going inside their body. An average sodium consumption should be 2,300 milligrams at most; unfortunately, processed foods surpasses it all making eating choices a roller coaster of unhealthy and harmful dietary habits. 


5. Caffeine: A scientific research has shown that drinking caffeine with high blood pressure can release way more adrenaline from one’s adrenal glands risking in a higher blood pressure and potentially can put you in a cardiac arrest. 


6. Alcohol: alcohol also tends to raise blood pressure in one’s body to unhealthy levels if intaking excessively. However, drinking in a moderate way is considered acceptable but avoiding it altogether would make a better choice for one’s body, mind, and lifestyle. 


7. Cheese: Cheese is mostly considered an excellent source of protein but also know that cheese is extreme in sodium and saturated fats. Which means, eating too much of it could lead to high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol. 


8. Soy sauce: As mentioned above, an average intake of sodium in a day should be about 2,300 milligrams as salt is necessary for the body. But too much of it can lead to health problems. A pinch of soy sauce contains about 40-45% of sodium in it which is about equivalent to 2,300 milligrams that one should consume in a day making it a no-go for people with high blood pressure. 


9. Peanut butter: Peanut butter again, is a sodium packed ingredient which should be avoided by people with high blood pressure. A better alternative to this can be a homemade peanut butter with unsalted peanuts! 


10. Sugar: Intake of added sugar increases obesity which then further leads to a risk of high blood pressure. High blood sugar levels can also cause extreme damage to your artery system which upon stretching can block your blood vessels. All this increases the harmful risks of developing heart diseases or failure. 


11. Canned food/frozen meals: No matter how easy and convenient frozen/canned food might be; it is always necessary to take in consideration that they are brimming with high sodium or sugar contents promoting high blood pressure. 


12. Baked food: Baked goods like cake, pies, sweets, biscuits, rolls, etc. might be considered a good after-snack or desserts but they are made of saturated fats and excessive sugar both which can unhealthily impact your blood pressure levels.


13. Pickles: Pickles are preserved foods mostly stored in salt solution to extend its shelf life. Consumption of pickles loaded and drowned in a salt solution can undoubtedly spike one’s blood pressure levels to an unhealthy amount.


14. Ketchup: condiments such as ketchup or BBQ sauce all contribute to high blood pressure due to the fact that they contain elevated levels of sugar and sodium in them. More than it is necessary to intake in a day. 


15. Noodles: Noodles, everyone’s go-to easily accessible food unfortunately contains saturated fats and is loaded with sodium. Just a tiny packet of noodle seasoning contains about 1,600 milligrams of sodium in it, again making it an unhealthy choice for people with high blood pressure. 


If you’re still unsure about what really to eat and shat to avoid; it is always considered and recommended best to be advised by your trusted and experienced dietitian to help you make and choose a healthy dietary lifestyle planning for your body.