Lose weight in 15 days with jeera water

Lose weight in 15 days with Jeera Water | Best weight loss drink

Lose weight in 15 days with Jeera Water | Best weight loss drink
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  • 10-Nov-2022



Cumin, also natively known as “Jeera” is a type of spice first originated in Western Asia. In present times, India resides as one of the major producers of cumin seeds globally along with various other kinds of spices and is cultivated predominantly in it

The taste of cumin for beginners may at first seem very bitter, nutty, sharp and rather zingy. Jeera’s bold tangy flavour is mostly used in a large amount in Indian cuisines such as the traditional curry, various kinds of non-vegetarian dishes, and in a unique blend of multiple varieties of vegetables. In many other countries however, it is also used as seasoning to achieve a better texture of flavour.


From spicing up a cooked chicken in the bustling food streets of Delhi (India) that people love to an enhancer of a restaurant delicacy for an international cuisine, cumin is used widely in almost every form of cooking as well as in beverages. Not only does it complement the dish it’s swirled in but is also considered healthy for the body.




Cumin seeds apart from being a significant spice contributor to delicious cuisines and drinks also has incredible health benefits that work wonders on the human body and skin.


Jeera seeds are well known to carry very natural materials that contributes as antioxidants. Antioxidants generally helps one prevent bad mental health, helps in fighting free radicals, makes the body stronger and healthier, as well as improves the skin from aging faster.


Cumin fights bacteria, stubborn parasites and works as an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. It had been studied thoroughly that the extracted oil from cumin seeds weakens and eventually kills harmful bacterial compounds that often are very impervious to any other antiseptics. By doing so, the seed oil works as an agent to fight off parasites and unwanted bugs residing inside the body and helps better the immune system. This stays as one of the many reasons why cumin is highly a reliable preservative used in various foods decades.


Lose weight in 15 days with Jeera Water | Best weight loss drink



Whether you’re looking to lose weight for health reasons, for yourself, or simply to bring about a new change in your body, losing body fat at first is not an easy task. It sure comes with regular exercise but  also simultaneously in addition to having a good diet and a better digestive system.


A healthy digestive system is an expression of a healthy weight loss. And a finer way to achieve your goal faster is to add jeera water in your diet. Jeera water is best recognised for its assistance to digestion and betterment in bowel movements in the body. The way it works in the human body is by secreting enzymes that not only aids in destroying extra fats, sugar, and carbohydrates but also helps in promoting fast and healthy metabolism.


Consumption of jeera water for weight loss is a healthier substitute you would love to explore! For it to work to its full potential, it is said to be consumed best by early in the morning on an empty stomach or even after a breakfast, whenever best suited. Jeera is one of the recommended fat burning agents that provide you better results upon adopting it.


It works best taking once or twice in a day mixed with hot water and gradually starts showing fitter results on the body after 15 days of consumption.


Tons of people reside to harmful and very toxicological substances in order to lose the extra fat taking space in their bodies. Whether it be dangerous weight loss pills or guaranteed proteins, it is never a good decision to rely on chemicals that may just further cause your body to become addicted to them and weaken your immune system.


We always recommend you to gravitate towards a healthier more effective path to achieving your health goals. And what better way to stick to a home remedy that works healthier than store bought chemicals! Without any foreign elements or hateful preservatives to body, jeera (cumin) is an extremely effective and appreciable way to get what you want for your lifestyle without having to put your body at any unwanted risk.


Extra Health benefits of cumin:


With everything that cumin does, it somehow has more to serve! Another reason why cumin is considered a great spice is for its various medicinal properties that genuinely work.


1. Cumin is an essential ingredient for people suffering from Insomnia as it contains melatonin that regulates sleep as well as helps the brain to relax to induce rest and promotes stress free recovery. It can either be put into tea or one can simply have it with warm water before bed.


2.  One of the most adored results of cumin intake is its ability to make skin age backwards. It works wonders on the skin making it healthier and more glowing. This happens because jeera is filled with potassium, manganese as well as calcium; all the properties that helps skin to appear clearer and shinier.


3. A great way to get rid of any stubborn cough or cold are again, cumin seeds. Since cumin works as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial representative, it helps to soothe and reduce inflammation and improves immunity against infection.


4. As cumin breaks down any strong and complex proteins, unwanted fat, and high sugar content, it is considered essential to have an effective impact on digestion, fast metabolism and better bowel movements.


5. Cumin oil is said to have stress-free properties and helps immensely with anxiety problems, relieves the body from any form of fatigue and mental pain



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