How To Keep Yourself Fit?

How to keep healthy body? Tips to keep healthy body by Dietician Ashu Gupta

How to keep healthy body? Tips to keep healthy body by Dietician Ashu Gupta
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  • 29-May-2022

As the day comes to an end, impurities in the fruits, vegetables and all the foodstuff. It's gonna impossible to believe whether we are buying anything good for our health from outside package to inside material. 

As we all know that all the companies right in their packet that they are pure or they serve the best. But it's not !! From saving ourselves from highly infected chemicals. There are some ways from which we keep ourselves fit. 


  1. Wash your vegetable before cooking them. - As we know that buying a vegetable from a mall or sabjiwala. The vegetables are not pure. There are so many chemicals on it. We should wash the vegetables before cooking them. just left the vegetables in the water for 5 min and you will see the water turns into a dirty one. 
  2. Buy fresh, Eat fresh - You should always buy the vegetables and fruits fresh. So as I recommended that always buy a vegetable and fruit from sabji wala rather than going to malls. That's my thinking regarding vegetables. Don't eat refrigerated food. It means if you cook food, cook it for finishing at one meal time. Don't cook the food for all meals. 
  3. Drink boil water every morning - Drink a little warm water daily in the morning. Keep your digestion clean. It will also benefit those who have a problem with gastro, high cholesterol and diabetes. 
  4. Eat fruits rather than juice - Eating fruits in a raw manner have lots of benefits over drinking juice. While making juice we cut out so many extra fibres from it which are good for our body. Eating raw fruit will give you more fibre than any food and even some extra nutrients also. 





Best Mantra To Keep Yourself fit Daily 

These are the ways in which you can keep yourself fit. For daily checkups, you can do a few things

  1. Young Guns Down - If you are aged above 35 years old. Check your blood pressure, diabetes and weight at least twice a month.
  2. Get a time for body movements - Go for 30 min walks or exercise a day daily. It will keep your body healthy and your body will feel fresh. 
  3. Stay with family - yeah I know that's not the point we should consider here but staying with family or having a two times meal with a family will keep your brain emotionally active and if you have a bad day, you will feel good while staying with family.


That's all for a blog healthians. Keep yourself fit and healthy.

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