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The owner of the website, Ashu Gupta, has purposefully created the website for informational purposes. Thus, the availability of the health-based data on the site does not represent a dietician-client or doctor-patient relationship in any way. Although the site's content is near-perfect, it cannot constitute the view of a nutritionist in Gurgaon or anywhere else in any way. The views or recommendations provided on the website do not reflect the real-time suggestions of a qualified doctor.

Thus, while going through the website, you should keep in mind that its write-ups do not aim to substitute for individualized advice. The health issues in real life might have various other symptoms that have not been provided on the site at all. While preparing the articles on the site, we did take proper care and collected information from reliable sources. However, we still cannot be held as a responsible entity for any omission or error.

No Guarantee

Like any other nutritionist in Gurgaon, Dr. Ashu Gupta offers her assistance and support to each of her patients. Nonetheless, the success of the treatment solely depends on your motivation, commitment, effort, and proper follow-through. 

Therefore, it becomes impossible for us to guarantee that you will achieve your goal. By reading the disclaimer section, you agree with us that we do not provide any guarantees at all. You will receive proper guidance and counseling through the website. But, that does not necessarily mean that you will succeed in your endeavor.


Now and then, we might publish experiences, success stories, and testimonials of our formal clients. It may contain some information about our services or their collaborative experience with our respective dietician, Ashu Gupta.

Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee that the same will happen with our future clientele as well.  The testimonials will only represent the exact end result that might be possible in the future. But, there is no guarantee of anything.

Risk Liability

As mentioned before, if you are encountering any diet-related issue, then do visit a diet clinic in Gurgaon. Kindly do not follow the suggestions provided here without comprehending your symptoms. However, if you still insist on doing so, then the assumed risks would not be our liability in any way. Thus, please recognize the dangers regarding this aspect and consult with a doctor before taking any steps.