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Purchaser Agreement

Our nutritionist's services or programs are owned by Ashu Gupta only. The expression "you," which will be used here prominently, will indicate the individual who wants to purchase and make use of the same. The terms provided in the solely define and govern your usage or purchasing allowance.

Whether you have gone through the proceedings or not, if you use or make a purchase through our website, then you are bound to agree to all of our conditions. It might be updated from time to time as well.

So, in case of an alteration, if you do not agree with us in any aspect, then we would ask you to email us kindly. We would try our best to eradicate your email address, name, and access to our website and its offerings.

Usage of the Website

Unless stated otherwise, the owner of the website of the diet clinic in Gurgaon, Ashu Gupta, owns the intellectual rights and property of the website. You might view or print the pages for your personal usage. However, all of your actions will be subjected to limitations that have been discussed in the below section. Kindly go through them to have a proper understanding of the same.

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Strictly Prohibited Usage of the Site

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