Privacy Policy

At Ashu Gupta's Diet Clinic, we deference your privacy and are fully committed to saving it from harm. The reason for jotting down the Privacy Policy is to explain how we collect your data and use or share it. You provide us with all of your personal details when you enter, subscribe, or use the services of Ashu Gupta, a dietician. Thus, in return for your trust and conviction on us, you do deserve to know about our doings as well.

Kindly go through the following Privacy Policy section to get an answer to all of your queries. Nevertheless, before we begin, we would like to say that the Privacy Policy section is subject to change. It can be updated from time to time without providing any notice at all. Thus, whenever you do visit the site, we would request you to reread the same section.  

The Information or Details We Accumulate

As an official website of the nutritionist in Gurgaon, it gathers only those data that can identify, describe, or relate to one of our previous clients. The list of the details might include –

·       The real name and the alias of the person

·       A unique personal identifier

·       Authentic postal address

·       Name of the account

·       Email address

·       License and passport number

·       Online identifier

·       IP or Internet Protocol address

·       Your Signature

·       Social security number

·       Employment history

·       Credit and debit card number

·       Information about medical and health insurance

·       Educational details

·       Bank account number

The Details or Information that We Cannot Accumulate

We do not collect several details while onboarding you on the website of our diet clinic in Gurgaon. These are –

·       Ancestry, race, color, citizenship, national origin, marital status, gender, medical condition, etc.

·       Records of personal or individual property, services, or products purchased or considered, etc.

·       Behavioral, biological, physiological characteristics

·       Geolocation details

Usage of Your Provided Data

The information or details you provide enables us to proffer you with specific suggestions that might prompt your need. Notably, we might use your data and information for –

·       Creating and administering your new account

·       Delivering our offerings or suggestions to your email

·       Process our payments to you

·       Talk and interact with you through social media.

·       Proffer targeted advertising

·       Ask for your valuable feedback.

·       Contact you about your medical requirements.

·       Notify you about our services

·       Analyze and evaluate the trends to further amplify the overall quality of our website

·       Prevent fraudulency and instill law enforcement if necessary

·       Administer giveaways or provide information about a new contest

·       Make a compilation of statistical data for our usage or 3rd party use. 

The Reason behind Disclosing Your Personal Details

As mentioned before, we might disclose the provided details to a 3rd party user. However, we only do it for the legitimate business-related interests of our diet clinic in Gurgaon. It might include the supervision of your official account, offering contracts to you, providing our services, identifying trends, and many more. Here are some reasons that prompt us to share your data:

·       Proceedings of the third-party site

·       By the acceptance of the law

·       To defend our organization against litigation.

·       Affiliations

·       Business transfers

·       Posting on online websites

External Links

Our website might, sometimes, contain hyperlinks to some other sites. It is usually done for promotional purposes, like any other dietician in Delhi NCR. However, we do not control the content of these links. Thus, we would strongly recommend you to avoid them to avert insufferable losses.