10 Myths and Facts About Holiday Weight Gain

10 Myths and Facts About Holiday Weight Gain

10 Myths and Facts About Holiday Weight Gain
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  • 26-Jul-2021

As the holidays get closer our conventional wisdom starts preparing from the break. Break from early morning alarms, hectic work schedule and also from exercises and diet. It almost becomes impossible to say no to those pancakes and beautiful cupcakes. Due to all these enticements holidays are associated with weight gain.

Dietician Ashu Gupta is a reputed nutritionist and Expert Dietician in Gurgaon. Having worked in different domains she has acquired a rich and diverse experience in the field of nutrition. She is known for her realistic and result-oriented ways to manage weight, especially during holidays. Here are some facts and myths that are conventionally believed about holiday Weight gain.


Myths and Facts About Holiday Weight Gain


  1. Myth: Most people gain full size
    Many people believe that gaining five to ten pounds gain is normal during holidays which is far more than reality. Several studies have shown that most people gain only one to two pounds during this period.  

  1. Fact: Bloating is not the fat Weight gain
    Holiday food is loaded with carb and sodium content. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates, the surplus gets stored as a reserve under your muscles. Also sodium-rich food stores plenty of water in your body. These are not actual fat weight but you feel heavy due to a bloated look.

  1. Myth: Over-exercising can avert an increase in weight
    Most people think that increasing the number of gym hours. However, every Weight loss Dietician in Gurgaon, emphasize that exercise can help only with mindful eating. So even if it is a holiday season, workout alone cannot help.

  1. Myth: Eat in the festive season, diet in January will bring me back in shape
    When you have already brought sweet and butter loaded food to your mainline meals, it is extremely difficult to stick to a healthy diet after that. Salads and vegetables do not taste good or make you feel full. Diet in January is often not sufficient for holiday weight loss.

  1. Fact: It is never too late to shed off those extra kilos
    Well! It didn’t happen in January. However, it is never too late to get the job done. You can consult an Expert Dietician in Gurgaon to craft a diet plan that suits your personal needs and expectations and guidance to stay true to it.

  1. Myth: This gingerbread is the last cookie
    Every time you pick a dessert or a drink during holidays, you surely say to yourself that this is the last one. And then you say it again for the next one. If you really want to avoid holiday Weight gain, restrict yourself right at the beginning.

  1. Fact: it is possible to maintain a healthy weight during holidays
    You cannot ditch socializing during holidays, yet you can maintain your weight with the help of a Weight loss Dietician in Gurgaon. You can take advice and implement it from the start to hold the swing of the weighing scale.

  1. Fact: Small weight gains are nothing to be stressed about, but always worth managing
    It is a fact that you gain only a couple of pounds during the holidays. However, such small additions can lead to major weight issues in the future which is why you should always try to manage it.

  1. Myth: Its holiday, food cannot be planned
    Your routine is disturbed, you attend parties and organize parties which makes it impossible to control food. However, you can make rules like having drinks in one party, a dessert in the other, etc to check your intake.

  1. Fact: Overweight people are at higher risk
    Overweight people are more susceptible to weight gain. Such people tend to gain more weight during holidays which is more difficult to manage later.