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Fat Loss v/s Weight Loss

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Most gyms, fitness centres, even health & wellness companies promote and sell their products and services on weight loss. For most people fitness is losing weight and that is interpreted through thin physique or building muscles and losing fat. However, very few professionals in the fitness industry talk about the right way to achieve balanced weight and good health.


Dietician Ashu Gupta is a prominent Weight loss dietician in Gurgaon and is known for her practical and scientific approach for weight management. She has extensive experience in treating people from diverse walks of life and has given excellent results. She would suggest individualized plans and guidelines attain a healthy body-weight and happy life.


Body composition

Before going into the details of fat and weight debate, it is important to understand body composition and the appropriate target for a healthy body. Your body composition is a summation of fat and fat-free mass. The fat-free mass refers to the water, muscles, and bone that your body is composed of. Instead of focusing on achieving a lower number on the weighing scale, the Best Dietician in Gurgaon advises focusing on the bigger goal. It would be best if you kept your attention to manage the entire body composition. This helps in striking a perfect balance in the body by reducing fat and acquiring lean muscles to get a fit and toned body.


Weight Loss

Weight loss is the most apparent way the results of workout or diet are interpreted. This is also something that a layman understands and perceives good health. This has made weight loss the only parameter to judge your efforts and overall health. Also, the fitness companies have made it the only goal people seek from their services and products.


However, it has been observed that many people who have shed a considerable amount of weight are unhappy with their bodies. They do not feel energetic and get tired easily. There are some areas of the body that almost refuse to respond to their efforts. Clearly losing weight cannot be the only criterion to judge your health and effectiveness of your diet and workout regime.


Fat loss

Whenever people think of losing weight and getting a lean body, the focus first should be on getting rid of excess fat deposition. This is often done by targeting the areas of accumulation of fat. It is a healthy practice as the fat is the extra that your body has stored over time. As you lose fat, you also build lean muscles which make your body look fitter and make you strong and active. So how do I lose fat and maintain a healthy weight? The Best Dietician in Gurgaon suggests that the ideal way is to lose weight gradually with no rush. Quantitatively it would be best if you aimed at losing nearly one pound of the week. A loss faster than this is taken from the muscles instead of fat leaving your feel unhealthy and fatigued.


Conditions unmindful focus on weight loss can lead to

The following are the reasons why Weight loss dieticians in Gurgaon suggest to focus on burning fat and gaining a healthy body instead of rushing to lose weight.


  • Water retention

Water also contributes to your weight until it exits your system. Water retained by food items can potentially add to your weight.


  • Dramatic calorie deficit

Often in the quest of losing weight, people face a dramatic deficit of calories. This results in a weak and unhealthy body.


  • Muscle loss

When trapped in a calorie deficit, people tend to lose muscle tissues which can be an invitation to several health problems.