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Diet Plan for Glowing Skin & Shiny Hair

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Helthy Skin & Hair

Pollution stress and unhealthy food can make your skin dull and prone to pigmentation. Most people treat their skin and hair with cosmetic products, but they don’t address the root cause, And their results are not sustainable. Healthy food that includes all nutrients Can make your skin and hair healthy. To remain beautiful from inside […]

diet plan

10 ways to get enough protein in your diet

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Protein Diet

Protein is the building block of organs, muscles, skin, and hormones. It is responsible for the growth and repair of tissues. That is why it is important to eat high-quality protein at every meal. According to studies, protein helps in losing weight and increasing muscle mass and strength. A high protein diet also lowers blood […]


7 Days Meal Plan for Sugar Detox

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Sugar Detox

Sugar detox is a process of doing away with your sugar addiction. Excess sugar is a toxin and is addictive too. It calms the nerves and boosts the energy level for a short period. Dietician Ashu Gupta is a renowned dietician and nutritionist. She considers food as a remedy for many problems. Her approach is […]


Is diabetes reversal possible?

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diabetes reversal

When we say of diabetes, we mostly assume that sooner or later we would end up being insulin-dependent, and a pain to succumb to and endure. Diabetes could be one debilitating disease in many and some, something that is very difficult to manage. Almost all suffering from diabetes does not at all like the fact […]

Weight loss

Weight Loss Resolution for the New Year

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new year new start

Making it happen: weight loss resolution for the New Year that you can stick with Every year people greet the New Year with certain determinations of making the upcoming year the best year ever or maybe at least better than the concluding year. Resolution to eat healthily and lose weight is made in earnest, and […]

Healthy Diet

Diet for a Healthy You

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Heathy diet

Staying fit and healthy happens to be one of the main objectives for many people around the globe. Staying healthy has its benefits as it determines the success and happiness of life. The general well being of a person is entirely dependent upon the health of a person. A person’s diet mostly impacts health. It […]