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Flatten Your Belly: Make a new start this Valentine’s Day

Want a flat belly by this Valentine’s Day, you are not alone. Everyone wants a sexy belly, but most fail. The main reason for failure is, they don’t have a clear idea about how to get a flat belly. If you are tired of being fat, get ready for a lifestyle change. Today is the day to change things up.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and there could be no time better than this to start.  A flat and sexy belly is possible in a week. So, get ready, pull up your socks to get a flat belly by adopting these simple rules of feeling better and enjoy foods of all kinds.


  1. It is critical to eat when you are on a fast belly-flattening regime. Treat food as your best friend and not an enemy. Remember that food is a great tool in weight loss and muscle gain. Eating everything means eating well with a change. Change your eating habits – no processed foods, and highly refined ones. Eat more whole and naturally derived foods.

Remove the C (Caffeine) R (Refined) A (Alcohol) P (Processed Foods). Remove the CRAP for a lifetime. These are dangerous. They cling to your body and make it almost impossible to lose fat.


  1. Season your food differently. Avoid salt and all salt-based seasonings. When you eat too much of this salty stuff, your body starts retaining fluid, and this is what contributes o your sluggish and puffy appearance and the extra weight. Ditch all the frozen, microwavable foods that are loaded with sodium. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable that is naturally loaded with water.


  1. Don’t skip your breakfast. Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day and this is the reason why everyone emphasizes the importance of breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast with all the valuable elements like proteins and fibers and that too within an hour of getting up in the morning.


  1. Switch all the starch. Have you seen your belly bloating up after a pasta meal? It is because of the complex carbohydrate-rich foods that you eat. Starchy foods including potatoes, wheat, corn, and pasta produce gas as they are broken down in your large intestine. Rice is the only carb that does not produce gas. It is much better if you opt for brown rice. It has fibers too.


  1. Say no to any fizzy drinks. These carbonated drinks, loaded with sugar are no good for your belly. Swap them with flatter drinks like freshly squeezed juices and green tea. Water is the best drink you can ever have. Make it interesting by adding some fresh fruits to it or some lemon.


  1. Go for probiotic food and drinks. Bacteria in our guts have an important role to play in our digestion process. The imbalance of these gut bacteria can disturb our digestive system resulting in a bloated belly. Indulge in probiotic foods and drinks without the guilt of gaining any extra weight. It not only eases intestinal mobility but also aids in digestion and quick weight loss.


  1. Don’t overlook the fibers. Fibers are amazing when it comes to weight loss and digestion. Fibers can prevent constipation and aid in getting a flat tummy in real quick time. A flatter belly is not that far away from some traditional fiber foods like oats.


Last but not the least, consider engaging in some exercise to flatten your belly fast. Light aerobic exercises with a balanced and healthy diet, is all that you need for a flatter belly in no time. Make this Valentine’s Day fun with these steps and a flatter tummy. Make them fun and you won’t even feel pain, promoting a lifetime of good health and wellbeing.