Frequently Asked Question

1.Why should I spend time with a dietician?

A dietician can personalize your diet counseling session by taking into consideration your medical history , family history, lifestyle and food habits. Dietician will help you to achieve realistic goals to improve your health.

2. What is the difference between a dietician and other weight loss programs?

A dietician is the only weight loss and therapeutic diet expert to provide safe and healthy nutrition counseling. A dietician's knowledge is based on university education and evidence based research. Certified dietician, like a doctor, follow ethics while providing you diet.

3. What results will I see from my program?

It depends upon you that how sincerely and seriously you follow the diet plan. You can feel increase in energy levels, weight loss, muscle mass build up, lower cholesterol levels, improvement in blood pressure problem, reversal of diabetes etc.

4. How often do I need to see a dietician?

On very first visit you need to come for a 30 minutes session. Dietician will gather information about your food habits, medical history and lifestyle. Depending upon the goal you set with the dietician she will let you know about your follow up sessions.

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