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Tips To Manage Weight During The Period Of Lockdown


You’re in a social lockdown, not a health lockdown. Now you’ve finally got the time to look after your health. So follow the tips below to manage your weight during the lockdown. 

Ashu Gupta’s Diet Clinic tips to manage weight during the lockdown

  • Skip your breakfast

              You can try following intermittent fasting for 16 hours and skip your breakfast. When you feel extremely hungry on some days, you can have a cup of black coffee without adding sugar. This will be sufficient to curb your hunger. It might feel hard in the first week but you will soon get habituated and wouldn’t crave your breakfast anymore.  

  • Climb up and down your stairs frequently

               Since you obviously can’t go to your gym during the lockdown. So make sure that you try, for example, 500 jumps on 200 stairs per day. You don’t have to try doing it all together right at the beginning. You may distribute it through the day and slowly improve the count.

  • Create and maintain a strict diet schedule

               Maintaining a diet journal can go towards helping you to remain fit and healthy. Write down the quantities of all that you drink and eat with proper meal timings and the levels of your activities or workout. Avoid excessive calories in food. Always check the day’s chart before going to bed. 

  • Keep healthy indulgences around you

              During the long lockdown, many are skipping meals while spending time lazily and instead, having all kinds of unhealthy snacks. The idle mind leads to food cravings. But control yourself. You must avoid having unhealthy foods such as chips and fries. This could be done by storing healthy snacks like salted peanuts and biscuits to check untimely cravings. You may also keep a bottle of lemon juice in the fridge so that you reach out to a healthier alternative of soft drinks!


  • Walk while talking

               If you walk while talking and grow it into a habit, it can break down several calories daily. It isn’t possible for us to have thousands of steps since we can’t go outside. But this can be a closer alternative to keep you fit to a certain extent.

  • Don’t stop exercising 

               Exercise is a vital immunity booster and you’ll need it even if you get infected by the coronavirus. Besides, exercising releases the chemicals called endorphins that help you feel happy without depression and anxiety. Being entirely homebound, you can opt for simpler exercises like skipping, static running, etc. or more aggressive ones like yoga, crunches or pilates. Also try cardiorespiratory, muscle-building and stretching exercises. Preferably exercise at a fixed time for 45-60 minutes regularly.

  • Sleep in a dark room

              Did you know that adequate sleep can help lose weight? Only make sure that your bedroom is dark and sufficiently cool to help you have a sound sleep. Lack of sleep also results in restlessness and weight gain throughout the day. 

  • Drink plenty of liquids

              During the lockdown, you must remain hydrated to maintain good health. This would also keep you sated. So drink plenty of water and if possible, lots of lemonades, smoothies and juices. Try finishing 3 bottles of water by 7 in the evening.

  • Practice slow eating

              Lockdown gives the advantage of having more time in hand. So, forget about quick office breaks or rushed breakfasts. Now you can finally have your meals peacefully, taking your time. So try chewing your food properly by eating slowly. This breaks the food finer and helps in better digestion. 

  • Cut down on salt

              Too much salt intake can lead to weight gain or water retention. So it is best to consume salt only in the required amount. 

  • Have most meals before 7-8 pm

               If you eat most of your meals hours before going to bed, the body can better digest them. Healthy digestion is essential to healthy weight management. 

  • Stick to a balanced diet

              Ensure that you add all the vital micronutrients and macronutrients to your diet chart. Good-quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates can keep you highly fortified and healthy. Never remove a nutrient from the diet without knowing its impact.

  • Cut down on sugary foods and refined carbohydrates

              Avoid refined carbs like white bread and sugary foods like cakes. Consume more whole foods having complex fiber and carbohydrates. They aren’t digested fast and keep cravings away.

  • Have more seasonal vegetables and fruits

              Have at least 2-3 fruits daily. Seasonal fruits contain many healthy antioxidants. Such fruits and vegetables are also loaded with fiber which improves weight loss. 

  • Remember nuts and seeds

               They contain multiple vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts and almonds specifically aid in weight loss. 

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