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Tips To Manage Weight During The Period Of Lockdown

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You’re in a social lockdown, not a health lockdown. Now you’ve finally got the time to look after your health. So follow the tips below to manage your weight during the lockdown.  Ashu Gupta’s Diet Clinic tips to manage weight during the lockdown Skip your breakfast               You can try following intermittent fasting for 16 hours […]

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Fat Loss v/s Weight Loss

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Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Most gyms, fitness centres, even health & wellness companies promote and sell their products and services on weight loss. For most people fitness is losing weight and that is interpreted through thin physique or building muscles and losing fat. However, very few professionals in the fitness industry talk about the right way to achieve balanced […]

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Weight Loss Resolution for the New Year

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Making it happen: weight loss resolution for the New Year that you can stick with Every year people greet the New Year with certain determinations of making the upcoming year the best year ever or maybe at least better than the concluding year. Resolution to eat healthily and lose weight is made in earnest, and […]

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How to lose weight for your wedding

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Loose weight for wedding

The wedding is one of the major decisions of our life. We all want this particular event to be spectacular in all aspects be it food or our looks, everything should be perfect! But in today’s fast-paced lifestyle we seldom find time for self-care and eventually become we are careless with our body.  We unknowingly […]

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Know About Weight Management

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Introduction There is no doubt that weight management is very important for us to sustain a healthy lifestyle. More than a quarter of the world’s population suffers from weight-related issues and does not come anywhere close to their ideal weight. There are various reasons for it. Some individuals may suffer from genetic diseases which may […]